We've been working with various institution and pharma companies for more than 10 years

Dermama Biotech Lab is one of the few cell process facilities in Indonesia that is certified by Ministry of Health.

Biopharmaceuticals has grown in the last few years. Today, it generate global revenues of $163 billion, making up about 20 percent of the pharma market, with 8% annual growth rate (McKinsey, 2014)

One of the key advancement in this field is Stem Cells, who was dubbed The Future of Medicine.

Every person developed from the embryonic stem cells within a fertilized embryo and our critical organs are maintained on a daily basis by adult stem cells.

The future of stem cell and their use in treatments and biotechnology lies in our ability to unlock the characteristics that make these cells “tick”.

  • Dermama Biotech Lab (DBL) focused on R&D of stem cells and exosomes for therapeutic and cosmetics.
  • DBL has been around since 2006, led by founder Dr. dr. Indah Julianto SpKK, incorporated as company in 2012.
  • Certified as ‘Stem Cell Processing Laboratory’ in 2015 by Ministry of Health (Izin Operasional Laboratorium Pengolahan Sel Punca No. 1/I/10/KES/PMDN/2015 by Badan Koordinasi Penanaman Modal a.n Kementrian Kesehatan Republik Indonesia)
  • ISO ISO 9001:2015 certified: FS 674395 by BSI

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